The last ever Anabolic Frolic set

I just uploaded what ended up being the last ever time I spun a set anywhere. It was WEMF 2008. This was not planned as my final retirement set, but I ended up focusing on other parts of my life and new opportunities.

There is something beautifully poetic though in this being my final set. Here’s the story.

I had gotten involved early with Desiny and the World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF), with Hullabaloo bringing a hardcore stage to the event starting in 1998. That Hulla stage ended up being a full-on feature attraction as the dedicated hardcore fanbase of Hulla came out in big numbers.

We were involved for 5 years, from 1998 until 2002. I proposed to Robin on the stage of my set at the 2002 WEMF. That was how involved we were.

I’m going to spare the bad blood story about why we weren’t involved past 2002, but like most things, it was over money.

So Hulla was never involved again, nor most of the Hullabaloo DJs.

Years pass, I guess 6 exactly, and I catch wind about that upcoming WEMF being billed as “The Final” one. I guess it’s true when they say time heals all (most) wounds, as I felt inspired to reach out to Ryan at Destiny for old times sake.

Fortunately he was of the mind set of also moving on positively. I offered to forgive all past debts, and basically all I asked was to be booked under my normal headlining conditions. He agreed, and the peace was made.

It felt good to be back there after so many years. Robin came out, and it was a bit like old times.

Then on Saturday night on the main stage as the sky became dark I played what would end up being my final set of my entire DJ career. I like that this set had meaning, about peace and forgiveness. It was good to be there. I feel good that this was my last booking.

This set is uploaded to SoundCloud, so I welcome you to share in what is the final Anabolic Frolic set.


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