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This is footage from the Hullabaloo 2-year event June of 1999. This is as classic a rave as it gets. A sold out crowd of 5000 in a gutted old bingo hall in the middle of nowhere, and no one had any idea what we were up to. I refer to the summer of ’99 as our “Summer of Love”, the peak of the rave scene before it fell in on itself. We honestly thought we might change the world.

It’s kind of crazy to see the size of this crowd and compare it with the other vid I posted below, in less than 3 years time we had blown up from next to nothing to a huge juggernaut. Our string of Hullabaloo events from the end of ’98 until summer of ’99 I consider the best raves in the history of the planet, just perfectly executed, huge budgets for production, a fresh audience with no “krusty raver” element that didn’t exist yet, and the dark side of the scene had not crept in yet. It was some good times.

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  1. Frolic- you DID change the world, whether you might beleive it or not. Look at how many Dj’s and Mc’s are out there now! Many were likely introduced to hardcore by Happy2bHardcore. The first chapter didn’t just start off the series- It started off the entire Genre! Look now at MC Storm, MC whizzkid, MC Marley, DJ Sy, DJ Scott brown, and many others! Happy2bhardcore sent a message to the world. In thate fateful year of 1995, we shouted to the world that, “WE ARE HULLABALOO!”

  2. I was in that crowd somewhere…I was only 22…a big group of us went to every Hullabaloo for a couple of years there….that was such a fun summer. Such fun times, great people from all over and the music was incredible. Thanks for some wonderful memories…

  3. I was just listening to an old cd and thought of Anabolic Frolic. Looked you up and am so happy to find you.

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