Happy2bHardcore Chapter 3


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About the Author: anabolic frolic


  1. Autumn

    This is the best it gor me into happy hardcore I will cherish it forever

  2. KrystalKay

    This is the CD that brings me back to the Hulla Days :}

  3. Raphael

    By far the best Happy Hardcore mix ever. 🙂

  4. Tiffany

    This was my first ever happy hardcore album that i stole from a local record store. this album changed my life!!!

  5. Ed

    So I’m chillin here listening to Shooting Star on chapter 3. This was the first song and mix that got me into any style of dance. I used to hate “techno” as it was called back before I knew any better. Straight heavy metal freak now enjoying some of the happiest cheesiest music around, but I love it. This mix created a big change to the way I live my life and Anabolic is a freakin legend! Brought HHC to America and made a huge wave with it. Props to a visionary!

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