Happy2bHardcore Chapter 1


The original. The one that started it all. Over 100,000 sold when they were expecting to sell maybe 10,000 units. It has a very classic rave sound nowadays, but some huge timeless anthems on here such as Heart of Gold paved the way for a whole new era of raves in North America.

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  1. Great job on this, Frolic. I hope you find the time to read the comments on your page. Your music is what lets me escape from it all, and it’s nice, because I’m going to high school this year, and this music is really helping me relax. My favorite song on this CD is either “Heart of Gold” by DJ force and Darren Styles, or “Now is the time” by Scott brown VS. DJ Rab S.

    I will leave a time just as a reminder of exactly when I posted this, to show you that you still have people out there who will never forget what you’ve done. July 26 2010 at 10:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

  2. I still have this CD in my stuff, it came in a neon yellow/green jewelcase and was the best CD I ever owned. Also one of the few albums I loved EVERY track on. I played it many times over, probably burning a hole into the CD. :3

  3. I still have all the original CD’s and when I met my husband for the first or second time he was playing this in his car. I thought it was animals high but then fell totally in love with this music. I am over 40 now and still love this music.
    thank you

  4. I had all of these albums. Got hooked on them in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. They were all awesome. I also have the DVD that came out years ago. I wish I still had these CDs..they all were stolen from me when my car was broken into. I can only hope that whoever stole them loves them as much as I did. Thank you for bringing this music out so the world could hear it.

  5. i need help there was a song on volume 4(i think) with a dirty harry twist with a good beat, con anyone help me

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