Reflections on my birthday

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I just turned 38 years old. Not a big milestone birthday, spent quiet at home with my family. It did make me think about a past birthday however. Exactly 16 years ago on my 22nd birthday I moved into a new office I had rented to launch my Happy Hardcore record business.

I had been renting a room from a family to live previously, but they sold their house and I had to find a new place to live. I had started importing and selling happy hardcore vinyl out of my bedroom, and was so passionate about my music, I made a calculated gamble that I could make a real go of it. Worst-case-scenario I ended up being unsuccessful. I was young, had time to burn, so why not go for it.

The office was about 10 x 12 feet with no windows. I had a couch. That night, my birthday, I was alone in a pitch black room. I never felt so alone in my life.

I had a web page set up, and was the very first happy hardcore website ever indexed by Yahoo, which at the time was the dominant search engine. I started making contact with other aspiring happy hardcore DJs, and before long was selling vinyl to most of them. It was a very small business, but it did pay the rent, but I could not afford anything more than that. I lived in that office.

There was a shower in the building which I used, and once or twice a month I’d visit my aunt’s for the weekend to do laundry and recharge my batteries.

I spent my spare time making copies of my first widely distributed mixtape, called The Frolic Files. One at a time I would copy them, and bring boxes with me to every rave I attended and handed them out to anyone that looked like they were having fun.

I also started mailing them to record labels, and after being in my office for only a few weeks I got a call from Moonshine in Los Angeles. They were thinking of doing a happy hardcore compilation and I seemed like the right guy for them. Happy2bHardcore Chapter 1 was released a few months later.

Also a few weeks into my stay at the office I got a call from a promoter from a new Toronto rave company called Not The End. They got my tape. They wanted me to play at their first event. After playing at their party, and then getting deeply involved with them for their second event, planted the bug in me to promote my own parties if I wanted to see the music that I loved get the exposure it needed.

Hullabaloo had it’s first event 7 months after moving into my office. Happy2bHardcore chapter 2 came out around that time, and I started getting regular DJ bookings all over. From that point on it was like riding a rocket ship.

I guess as I look back at all this, none of that would have been possible without some sacrifice from myself. I decided to take a shot, and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. It’s also a little overwhelming how much of a difference one guy can make if they set their mind on something. My advice to anyone reading this is to take their own shots. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the end of the world. But you can never reach the stars if you never attempt it.

Anabolic Frolic : The Rave Experience – NOW ONLINE FOR FREE!!!!

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2012 marks the 15th Anniversary of Hullabaloo (1997). To celebrate, we’ve posted the entire concert film from our 10-year reunion party on youtube!! Check out this rave history!! Time flies, but at least we will never forget.

You can buy the DVD WITH the entire night of recordings for only $9.99!! official Anabolic Frolic store.

Great sales from Anabolic Frolic!

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Rave Experience DVD
Anabolic Frolic – The Rave Experience DVD. The next best thing to seeing Frolic live at Hullabaloo – and in many ways even better! This DVD has a 5-star rating at and tremendous reviews from ravers all over the world! Arguably the greatest rave concert film ever produced, and a slice of an era that can never be recreated.

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New clip from Anabolic Frolic: The Rave Experience

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There’s a new clip online from my concert DVD.

It’s still available through and the official Anabolic Frolic store.

More oldschool vid fun

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This is footage from the Hullabaloo 2-year event June of 1999. This is as classic a rave as it gets. A sold out crowd of 5000 in a gutted old bingo hall in the middle of nowhere, and no one had any idea what we were up to. I refer to the summer of ’99 as our “Summer of Love”, the peak of the rave scene before it fell in on itself. We honestly thought we might change the world.

It’s kind of crazy to see the size of this crowd and compare it with the other vid I posted below, in less than 3 years time we had blown up from next to nothing to a huge juggernaut. Our string of Hullabaloo events from the end of ’98 until summer of ’99 I consider the best raves in the history of the planet, just perfectly executed, huge budgets for production, a fresh audience with no “krusty raver” element that didn’t exist yet, and the dark side of the scene had not crept in yet. It was some good times.

Old School Frolic vid

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Found an oldschool video of me spinning in 1996. No one knew what happy hardcore was back then, but it all has to start somewhere!

New Anabolic Frolic website

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Hello everybody, I’ve updated my website and made it more “2.0″. Everything will be posted as a blog and can be commented on. I’ll be posting lots of stuff, but I started with the 8 chapters of Happy2bHardcore so everyone can post their comments/memories of each CD. I’m going to go back and add my own thoughts and memories of each one, so check back on that.

Mostly what I’d like to do is have a permanent memory site for all my fans out there. The rave scene was an important part of all of our lives, and too much of it has been erased already.

Anabolic Frolic – The Rave Experience DVD

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There is a NEW MAJOR Anabolic Frolic Release!

The Anabolic Frolic Rave Experience DVD!

Click here for more details and video clips!

2 years in the making I’m very pleased to announce the latest Anabolic Frolic release. In my humble opinion this is the greatest rave DVD ever produced and my most proud accomplishment.

Happy2bHardcore Chapter 8

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Not part of the official series, this was a “what might have been” release taken from a concept mix Anabolic Frolic recorded earlier. It was given out free as a bonus for all ticket buyers of the 10-year Hullabaloo Reunion party in 2007. Moonshine Music had been out of business for several years, and Anabolic Frolic had retired from promoting raves for 2 years, so this was an un-official release (hence the “Lost” mix). It was never released officially or distributed to stores or online outside of some extra copies made available on Anabolic Frolic’s store along with live recordings, DVDs and other merch from the event.

There was speculation online that this was an attempt by Anabolic Frolic to resurrect the series commercially, but all of that is just online gossip since his DJ and rave promoter career had already wined down, and it was nothing more than a free bonus made for the Hullabaloo Reunion.

Happy2bHardcore Chapter 7

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Released January 2002. This would be the last official release. Moonshine Music, the record label that published the series, would go out of business later that year, a victim of Napster and the changing music market.

Frolic says: This is one of my favorites.

Happy2bHardcore Chapter 6

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Happy2bHardcore Chapter 5

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Happy2bHardcore Chapter 4

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Happy2bHardcore Chapter 3

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Happy2bHardcore Chapter 2

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Happy2bHardcore Chapter 1

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The original. The one that started it all. Over 100,000 sold when they were expecting to sell maybe 10,000 units. It has a very classic rave sound nowadays, but some huge timeless anthems on here such as Heart of Gold paved the way for a whole new era of raves in North America.

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